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By: TSEG | Sep 18, 2009

Bing Slowly Growing in Market Share

The market share for search engine has been shifting lately as many of the large players in the search engine industry are attempting to refocus many of their key product offerings.  Microsoft's Bing search engine recently grew from 9 percent market share,  to now a market share of 10.7 percent. Google grew nearly 3 percent...

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By: TSEG | Sep 11, 2009

Google Increases Size of Search Box

Google has recently announced that it has increased the size of the search box that is on its homepage. Google’s Vice President of Search Products made the announcement on a blog shortly before the change took place. The change was decided on after a variety of factors and influences showed that it would be a...

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By: TSEG | Sep 4, 2009

Google Reveals News Ranking System

Google keeps its algorithms for ranking websites firmly under wraps. However, the company just revealed its methods for choosing which news stories to publish on Google News. Even explaining the way it works, however, Google shows some contradictory rules. According to a video released by Google, there are four basic rules used to rank news...

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By: TSEG | Aug 27, 2009

Search Engine Use

A report published by Pew Foundation showed that approximately 84% of all internet users use search engines. Going a step further, nearly half of all internet users use search engines frequently. These users turn to search engines for all kinds of information to help them in their daily lives. Many of them use search engines...

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By: TSEG | Aug 20, 2009

Search Engine Mix and Match

Google has long dominated the search engine market, but now that Bing has been introduced, people are starting to wonder whether or not it works better. The short and simple answer is: probably not. As search engines go, it’s difficult to get much better than Google already is. On the other hand, every user has...

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By: TSEG | Aug 18, 2009

Bing Gains on Yahoo & Google – The TSEG take

According to, Bing gained market share on Yahoo and Google. They gained .3% market share on each search engine between June and July. Most columns I have read are spinning this as a positive for Bing, and we can certainly see that angle. However, we do not view Bing as the Google Killer. In...

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By: TSEG | Aug 13, 2009

Google Caffeine

Google has announced its new “Caffeine” architecture and has had testers using and reviewing. So far there have been both good and bad reviews, but one in particular stands out. Caffeine seems to be more of a changed algorithm rather than a totally new architecture. If this is true, it is really no different from...

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By: TSEG | Aug 5, 2009

Apple Search?

The possiblity of an Apple search engine is floating around since the resignation of Eric Schmidt from Apple’s board of directors. Schmidt also works for Google, giving some credence to the idea. While Apple would certainly have an immediate customer base for its engine, it is difficult to say whether or not it could compete...

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By: TSEG | Jul 30, 2009

Aesthetic Websites

Search engine optimization for your website is incredibly important if you want to be found on the internet. However, it is not everything. When you have a website, there are certain things that you have to do to keep your visitor from clicking away. Having a website that is aesthetically pleasing is one of the...

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By: TSEG | Jul 21, 2009

Pay Per Click

Often, people think that the way to get to the front page on Google, is to simply pay for it. While there is some truth to this, it often works best as a short term option rather than the main focus of your search engine optimization campaign. Pay per click allows you to pay Google...

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