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The mandatory shutdowns of bars, restaurants, and stores due to the COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in business interruptions for business owners throughout the country. Stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders have forced business owners to change how they do business, furlough or layoff employees, or even go out of business. Business interruption insurance is designed to protect businesses from the financial impact of unforeseeable events and from physical losses such as natural disasters.

Many businesses that carry business interruption insurance qualify for a payout, but need the help of an attorney to secure the payout they’re owed. What a business’s policy covers depends on the terms of the agreement with the insurer. However, some common categories of losses that business interruption insurance covers include loss of revenue, operating expenses, temporary location expenses, training costs, and additional expenses beyond the fixed costs needed to continue operation.

Although insurance companies have a huge number of claims to tend to with the pandemic, that’s no excuse for delays or for not honoring business interruption policies and paying claims promptly. Lawyers are fighting to help business owners get the coverage they deserve.

While some insurance policies have exclusions that eliminate coverage, many attorneys have found language in policies that provides coverage for losses due to COVID-19. Because of these difficult and unprecedented times, many attorneys are offering free, no-obligation reviews of policies for businesses that have been forced to shut down during the pandemic. It’s important that business owners act as quickly as possible, as they may only have 30 to 60 days to file a claim for a COVID-19-related business closure.

A business interruption attorney knows how to make a claim effectively. Business interruption claim lawyers are helping clients with a wide array of tasks during this challenging time, including but not limited to:

  • Helping them file their business interruption claim due to mandatory closures associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Identifying the types of losses that qualify for their claim.
  • Calculating their business interruption claim, including loss of profit and increased cost of working.
  • Gathering the documentation and evidence that clients need to win.
  • Negotiating fair compensation from their insurance company.
  • Dealing with a client’s insurance company and their associates, including their loss adjuster, investigator, and broker.
  • Settling a client’s claim or obtaining a verdict against their carrier, for the amount they are owed.

Now Is the Time to Acquire Business Interruption Insurance Cases

  • Lowest costs. Case costs in 2020 are the lowest we’ve seen.
  • Reach a bigger audience. Stay-at-home conditions due to COVID-19 mean more people are watching TV and interacting with digital content. Now is an ideal time to reach your target audience.
  • Costs to acquire cases have gone down. The increased viewership, in addition to reduced rates, bonus airings, and discounts, has led to reduced costs to get signed cases.

How TSEG Can Help

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