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Because of injuries that occurred in the unprecedented winter storms, Texans are filing lawsuits against the utility companies. Power outages led to physical injuries, hospitalizations, property damage, and various other complications for victims and their families. Injured people are hiring law firms to represent them in their cases and help them pursue the compensation they need to cover their losses. They deserve to hold certain parties accountable for making the decisions that put them in danger.

texas ice storm lawsuits

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Ice Storms In Texas

Winter storm Uri brought record-breaking amounts of snow and ice to Texas and other parts of the country. Following some of the coldest temperatures of the last three decades, the storm moved through the state and left millions of residents without water and power. They were forced to endure freezing temperatures while trapped in their homes for days. Unfortunately, the results were catastrophic. Many people sustained injuries, and many others lost their lives.

Medical-related problems aren’t the only complications people are facing after the deadly winter storms. Many are preparing for the increased cost of energy bills from skyrocketing fuel costs. This creates significant economic strain for families unable to afford higher electric bills while paying for medical treatment, funeral services, and other expenses.

Additionally, property repairs have become a reality for thousands of homeowners and business owners. They’re grappling with leaky roofs, flooding, broken pipes, structural damage, and other problems.

Power companies should have prepared much better for dangerous weather conditions like these. They failed to keep the community members safe because they put profits over a more efficient and reliable electrical grid. Their negligence led to preventable injuries and property damage.

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Who To Hold Liable for the Power Outages In Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas Inc. (ERCOT) is responsible for providing power for 26 million residents in the state of Texas. Along with other utility companies, they are facing lawsuits for their negligent actions that injured innocent people and caused extensive damage to commercial and residential properties.

Reports found that most deaths were from hypothermia, but some can be attributed to:

  • Fires
  • Car accidents
  • Worsening symptoms from chronic illnesses
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Failed medical equipment
  • Lack of home oxygen
  • Falls
  • Water contamination

Up to nine inches of snow in some areas of the state resulted in 4 million people losing power. ERCOT allegedly refused to upgrade their equipment to prepare for harsh winters despite receiving multiple recommendations from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Public Utilities Commission of Texas to do so. Their decision put a lot of people at risk, and they should face the consequences of their actions.

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