VA or Trulaw

Attorney, VA, or Solo?
Who's the real champ when it comes to maximizing your compensation?

Sarah, you may be wondering… ”is it worth the time and expense to work with an attorney?”

Well since the Navy can't give you legal advice it can be challenging to decide...

First, you need to know that the Navy cannot give you more money than your initial demand number. You need to get this right the first time.

Filing alone is a time-consuming and stressful process. Attorneys know the law and are here to fight on your behalf. They will negotiate and work to get you the highest settlement possible.

While the VA has experienced staff they may not have the level of legal expertise as an attorney. If the Navy rejects the claim, will they have the resources and evidence to challenge it? This could impact your settlement and delay your claim.

So ask yourself: am I willing to risk my financial compensation?

If your answer is no and you want to take control of your settlement then we are here to help...

Click the link below to complete your contract. And we will start working on your case immediately


If you need your authorization code to access the contract it is: 8021

Sarah we encourage you to sign the contract as soon as possible.

Don’t settle for less than what you and your family deserve, especially after your suffering.

We look forward to fighting for you,