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  • Real-time Custom Quotes: We asked attorneys to give us your criteria, and we'll give you a quote based on LIVE data, simple as that.
  • Our Top Torts: NEC, Ozempic, Social Media Harm, Video Game Addiction and AFFF.
  • Single-Event Firm Case Tracking Cycle: This system helped our client add 2 new office locations this year.
  • FAR Campaigns: High quality MVA Cases at a fraction of the price.
  • Mass Torts on TikTok: Be one of the first law firms to figure out mass torts on TikTok. See how we lowered our Ozempic CPC drastically on this new platform.
  • Making Conference Connections: Learn which legal marketing conferences we’re going to next and why you should too!

The Top Torts Right Now.


The plaintiff in the bellwether case asked for $35M in damages. The jury awarded $60 million in the verdict against Mead Johnson, the manufacturer of Enfamil.

TSEG actually sourced the next bellwether case for NEC. We advertise directly, so we were able to track it back to one of our Facebook campaigns.

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The big decision the Panel made that was up for honest debate was whether Eli Lilly would stay in the MDL. The court decided to throw all of these diabetes and diet drugs in this MDL.

Judicial Panel on Multidistrict litigation created MDL 3094 (the official Ozempic Lawsuit) and transferred all cases to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, the Hon. Gene E.K. Pratter

The first status conference was held in the Ozempic Lawsuit on 3/14. Elil Lilly asked the judge for a summary judgment. Which the court said that would be a long time down the road.

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Social Media Harm

In recent developments, over 60 school boards have escalated their legal battle against major social media entities, blaming these platforms for adversely affecting student mental health and thereby burdening educational resources.

This collective legal action aims to secure financial restitution to mitigate the increased strain on schools’ mental health services and educational support systems, highlighting the growing concern over social media’s impact on youth well-being and academic environments.

New Website:
New Website: Our team has more info!

Video Game Addiction

JPML has been asked to consolidate cases against video game companies into the Western District of Missouri.

At this point in the litigation’s development, attorneys are debating if this has legitimate grounds to consolidate into an MDL, and if the Western District of Missouri is a favorable court to consolidate.

Competitive CPC:
Competitive CPC: Our team has more info!

4 Ways TSEG Gets You Quality Cases, Not Fluff Metrics.

Mass Torts

Let us be clear: We generate CASES, not unqualified leads. Your campaigns are built around the criteria that your law firm handles. Our team crafts a marketing plan that turns targeted digital views into signed retainers. We always keep you looped in on the optimizations made to your campaign.

Competitive CPC:
Competitive CPC: Our team has more info!

Market-Exclusive SEO

For single-event law firms, we offer market-exclusive SEO, ensuring that when you partner with us, your market is exclusively yours. We don’t believe in serving your competitors; we’re all in with you. (This exclusivity does not extend to our mass tort clients.)

Establish your online presence, drive organic cases and dominate your market’s rankings. With over 15 years of navigating Google’s algorithms, we’ve got everything to keep you ahead of the curve and the competition.

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Paid Search

TSEG’s Paid Search service goes beyond the conventional. Incorporating Local Service Ads (LSA) into our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategy, we guarantee heightened visibility for law firms in their service areas. But we don’t stop there. TSEG employs cutting-edge, proprietary techniques specifically tailored to amplify the success of Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) campaigns. This innovative approach not only sets us apart but ensures an unmatched ROI for our clients.

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Web Development

It’s not just good-looking websites. We believe in designing captivating websites that are strategically built to convert visitors into clients. Our sites have been recognized with awards for enhanced user interaction and engagement. When law firms choose TSEG, they’re not merely getting a website; they’re securing a high-performing digital platform designed to stand out and deliver results.

New Website:
New Website: Our team has more info!
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