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By: TSEG | Jun 21, 2024

Law Firm Local Services Ads Now On Google Maps

Google Introduces Local Services Ads on Maps Google has integrated Local Services Ads (LSAs) into Google Maps today, enhancing local search advertising by showcasing trustworthy and verified businesses prominently in search results. This update provides a valuable opportunity for law firms to boost their online presence and attract more local clients. LSAs include essential information...

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By: TSEG | Jun 18, 2024

Is Social Search the Secret Weapon for Law Firms?

The Emergence of Social Media as a Search Tool Social search is rapidly transforming digital marketing. This shift is particularly evident among younger generations, who increasingly use social media platforms as their primary source of information. Social search involves using networks like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to discover content, brands, and services, rather than relying...

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By: TSEG | Jun 13, 2024

Is Desktop SEO Still Relevant for Law Firms?

The State of Desktop SEO in a Mobile-First World The finalization of Google’s switch to mobile-first indexing is nearing. The company plans to crawl all websites exclusively with its mobile Googlebot starting on July 5, 2024. According to Google, some websites are still crawled with the desktop bot, but that will end July 5th. The...

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By: Kelly Ainsworth | Jun 6, 2024

Google’s Search Leak (for Law Firm Websites)

The Google Search Algorithm Data Leak Recently, the digital marketing world was shaken by the news of a massive leak of Google Search ranking data. The leak, which exposed internal documents detailing aspects of Google’s ranking algorithms, left the SEO community and businesses, including law firms, amazed. We finally got a peek under the hood...

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By: TSEG | May 30, 2024

Google’s New AI Overview Feature

Google has introduced a new feature called AI Overview in its search engine results pages (SERPs). This innovative addition uses artificial intelligence to enhance the search experience by providing users with a concise summary of information related to their query. The AI Overview is designed to help users quickly understand the most relevant aspects of...

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By: TSEG | Apr 12, 2024

TSEG Wins 3 awards for the 2024 Internet Advertising Competition


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By: Kelly Ainsworth | Apr 10, 2024

Beyond the Ban: How Can Attorneys Prepare for a TikTok-Free World?

UPDATE: Since this post was written the bill has been signed into law. Read about it here.

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By: TSEG | Feb 27, 2024

Google Removing “More Places” Button Could Impact Law Firms

[Update 2/28/2024] The button is back. Google completed the testing for this feature and has reverted to showing more maps results after clicking “More businesses”. See the detailed explanation below. In an unexpected development, we’ve seen recent Google searches removing the “More Places” button from local search results. This change is particularly impactful for law...

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By: TSEG | Dec 12, 2023

The Ethics Fire Burning Through Legal Marketing (FREE – Download Not Required)

Ethical Digital Marketing: A Guide for Legal Professionals There is a responsibility that comes with serving legal professionals who stand up against corporate giants like Bayer, 3M, and Johnson & Johnson. Since 2008, we’ve helped define the standard of excellence in ethical legal marketing. Our deep-rooted respect for this space stems from over 15 years...

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