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Lock down your SEO market with exclusive services from TSEG, meaning we won't work with your competitors. Just you.

Experienced PPC Specialists

One of the most aggressive marketing tactics law firms use to convert Google traffic into clients is through PPC (Pay Per Click), also known as Paid Search Ads. TSEG have over 15 years of experience in helping law firms leverage the internet to get more cases. TSEG will partner with you, with market exclusivity, and design and manage campaigns that produce leads at a competitive price.
Google Premier Partner

Google Certified Team

TSEG is a proud member of the Google Premier Partner program. Our marketing experts are certified to work with a full suite of Google’s marketing tools, and we have a dedicated strategic partner manager as a part of our team to help us better serve you with all your Google marketing needs.

Advantages Over SEO

Some law firms just cannot wait around for a few months until their SEO campaigns start producing results. When you’re ready to take your law firm marketing to the next level, you want immediate action. PPC is just that. Through online advertising partners such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, TSEG execute campaigns that can begin generating leads significantly faster than SEO. As of February 2020, Google and Bing are the two highest-traffic search engines ( Starting a PPC campaign means your law firm’s ad will appear in the first page of these two search giants when a relevant and likely-to-convert search is made.


We Will Shape Your Campaigns to Perfection

While getting conversions and leads through PPC is typically faster than SEO, we don’t consider a campaign fully optimized until we run it for a few months. The data that PPC ads collect, such as demographic and behavioral data, gives our team insights to make alterations to the campaign that ensure you are getting the best placements for the lowest price. Split testing headlines, descriptions, and ad extensions helps us customize your ad to meet your campaign objective to the best of our ability.

We’re Obsessed with Data

The data our team monitors and analyzes every day derives from how your campaign’s targeting is set up. We can make your ads appear for a very specific consumer, or for a broad audience – depending on your current marketing objective. Some targeting tactics we use in PPC campaigns are:

  • Demographic Targeting
  • Geo-Fence Targeting
  • Search Retargeting
  • Site Retargeting
  • Contextual Keyword Targeting
  • Others

Demographic Targeting

PPC ad platforms offer various identifiers on almost every user on their search engines. These identifiers include things like age, gender, education level, parental status, marriage status, and household income.

Geo-Fence Targeting

With geo-fence targeting, TSEG can ensure your PPC ads are shown in a distinct location, such as a zipcode, neighborhood, or building.

Search Retargeting

When a user searches a query related to your law firm and its services, even if it doesn’t include your keywords, Google will track the keywords searched and then show your ad to the same searcher when they browse websites that are relevant to the legal industry.

Site Retargeting

Google’s ad delivery algorithm knows to show your ad to Google users who have recently visited your law firm’s website.

Contextual Keyword Targeting

When a user browses a website that has content containing keywords related to the legal industry, your ad will then appear to them on Google.

Additionally, we minimize wasted ad spend by implementing negative keywords. This is a custom list of keywords that we add to your campaign so that your ads never appear for searches that have no intent to hire your law firm.

We Track Everything

It’s important to know the ROI on your marketing budget – especially when your law firm advertises on multiple platforms. TSEG believe the best way to track where your leads come from is by putting a call tracking system in place for all of your digital marketing campaigns. Call tracking allows us to use different phone numbers on different platforms you advertise on. These tracking numbers instantly forward calls to your law firm’s main phone number, but we are able to see which tracking number the call came from. When you get a phone lead, we will be able to pinpoint if they came from organic site traffic, a click on a PPC ad, or even a tap on your maps listing from a mobile phone. This, along with a summary of your PPC campaigns will be put together by our team and delivered too you on a monthly basis. We make sure to be as transparent as we can with our clients with our reporting, and we will walk through them with you to point out successes and areas that could use improvement.

We Treat You Like a Partner, Not a Client

TSEG works with law firms on a market exclusive basis. We view our clients as serious business partners, and we believe that an agency cannot build this client relationship while simultaneously doing work for competitors in the same market. Our belief in creating strong client relationships combined with our aggressive approach to digital marketing has attracted competitive law firms from across the country to hire us to take care of their many digital marketing needs.