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Isabella Ibeji

PPC Advertising Strategist

Isabella is a highly skilled and experienced multi-platform digital advertising strategist, media buyer, and planner with nearly a decade of expertise in driving business growth across diverse industries.

Isabella’s niche throughout her career has predominantly been B2B/B2C lead generation. She firmly believes that selling e-commerce products online may seem straightforward because they involve tangible items. However, the real challenge lies in marketing non-tangible products or services, where building trust becomes essential in the online marketplace.

With a solid academic foundation, Isabella holds a B.A. in Politics and International Relations, complemented by two MBAs. One MBA emphasizes Marketing, while the other focuses on the digital and technological aspects of scaling companies.

Isabella is deeply passionate about every facet of digital advertising and thrives on converting challenges into high-quality results. She is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their digital advertising goals and is committed to delivering outstanding outcomes for her clients.

In her spare time, Isabella embraces the joys of reading, unwinding, and indulging in movies. She’s a true homebody, finding solace in the serenity of a quiet and cozy environment.

Isabella Ibeji