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Employee Recognition

The Gears of the TSEG Machine

At TSEG, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of legal marketing specialists, who consistently propel our company towards new heights of success. We recognize and celebrate the dedication, creativity, and inspiration our team members bring to the table. While it's a challenging task to single out individuals from such an extraordinary group, we annually honor three outstanding achievers with three awards that reflect the exceptional work and contributions of these talented professionals.
Operations Employee of the Year

Our operations team is central to our success, diligently researching, designing, building, and managing every aspect of our campaigns. Covering SEO, PPC, Mass Torts, and Web Design, their expertise in legal marketing drives the exceptional results we deliver. Chosen by our C-level Executives, the Operations Employee of the Year Award recognizes individuals who not only excel in these diverse areas but also inspire excellence throughout our company. These professionals embody our core values of innovation, dedication, and leadership, enhancing our industry standing and our internal community. This award celebrates their significant contributions and underscores the profound impact they have on our team and the success of our campaigns.

Salesperson of the Year

The Salesperson of the Year award at TSEG is a prestigious recognition that celebrates an individual who exemplifies extraordinary dedication and effectiveness in our sales operations. This award is bestowed upon the salesperson who not only consistently achieves high sales figures but also demonstrates a deep understanding of our products and services, including websites, hosting, SEO/PPC, and Mass Torts, which are crucial to the diverse needs of our legal clients. The recipient excels in creating and nurturing client relationships, making significant contributions to our business growth and upholding the high standards of integrity and professionalism that define TSEG .

Jack Turner Cloud Champion Award

The Cloud Champion Award was created in 2021 to honor the legacy of our esteemed colleague, Jack Turner. Each year, this award is given to the TSEG team member who embodies the very best qualities of the TSEG company spirit.  Significance of the Award This distinguished accolade is given to an individual who demonstrates exceptional work ethic, dedication, success, and character, reflecting the core values and resilience that are most deeply ingrained in our company culture. The recipient of this award consistently showcases outstanding performance and a commitment to excellence that inspires and elevates the entire team.  Honoring Jack Turner Jack Turner was the SEO Director at TSEG. We lost him in 2021 after his three-year battle with cancer. Jack began his journey with our company as an intern while attending the University of Texas. A year after graduation, we eagerly welcomed him back to our team.  Working with Jack was an absolute joy. Words that come to mind when thinking of him include hard-working, smart, honest, witty, and brave. When we first learned about his diagnosis, we were in disbelief. Despite undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries, Jack's resilience allowed him to beat cancer multiple times. Tragically, the cancer returned, and we lost him in 2021.  However, it is not the loss we want to highlight but the incredible courage and positive attitude Jack maintained throughout his health challenges. Even during his battle with cancer, Jack continued to contribute significantly to our company and remained a dear friend. His unwavering spirit and dedication serve as a continuous inspiration to us all. The Cloud Champion Award is a reflection of Jack’s spirit, honoring those who, like him, inspire and uplift our team with their exceptional qualities and dedication.

2023 Cloud Champion Award

Harith Alrubaye

This year's award goes to Harith Alrubaye, a person who lives our core values, puts our clients and company first over his own personal gain, and never hesitates to help a coworker in need. He spreads himself so thin to both build a team and keep the operations going without missing a beat. Not only is his work ethic impressive, but he continues to stay curious and learn which allows our business to be more efficient and continue to grow. No matter how many tasks he is bogged down with, he will always lend a helping hand to the sales and ops teams. He has a can-do attitude. Harith truly is a Cloud Champion and we're honored to work with him each day.
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2023 Employee of the Year

Luke Renfro

This year’s Operations award goes to Luke Renfro! Luke has been a pivotal part of our operations team since he started working here. He exemplifies what it means to be a TSEG family member. He has been able to anticipate our business needs and build out an infrastructure and reporting system that allows us to see how the business is performing and make smart business decisions moving forward. He takes the time to understand any problem and provides timely and innovative solutions. And most importantly, we want to point out his commitment to wearing wigs while playing volleyball and pickleball is no easy task!
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2023 Sales Person of the Year

Jessica Bitterman

Receiving this award for the second time, this year’s salesperson award goes to, none other than, Jessica Bitterman! She is tenacious, caring and she fully bought into the TSEG family. She would do anything for each and every one of us. Her confidence and pride in TSEG make it clear to every lawyer she works with that she consistently has their best interests in mind in all their investments. She will go the extra mile to nurture current client relationships while also building new relationships with prospects. Her hard work is something to admired and we are so proud of what she has accomplished this past year. She is more than deserving of this award for 2023 and we can’t wait to see what she does in 2024!
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2022 Cloud Champion

Ryne Goertz

Our Vice President of Sales (now President of Sales) was honored with the 2023 Cloud Champion award for his exemplary leadership and contributions to TSEG. Under Ryne's direction, the sales team not only received expert training but also achieved a record-breaking year, showcasing the significant impact of his strategic guidance. Known for his quick-witted humor and deep dedication to his family, Ryne's admirable character and unwavering commitment make him a vital and beloved member of the TSEG team. His ability to inspire and lead with both heart and intelligence exemplifies the essence of what the Cloud Champion award represents.
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2022 Employee of the Year

Todd Neer

The amount Todd has been able to achieve at TSEG in just a year-and-a-half is simply amazing. Todd's leadership and innovation has been one of the biggest contributors to our growth, which is why he is now TSEG's acting Chief Strategy Officer.
"It takes all of us. Our campaign team and dev team is top class talent. It's fun to work with y'all... You can't ask for a better team to work with." - Todd Neer
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2022 Salesperson of the Year

Brett Whitten

"Bags" started in May, only. Just counting the 20% of the deals that he gets, he brought in record numbers since then.
"Can't say enough about the guy. He's loved by everybody. When you go to conferences and he's not there everyone is complaining about it. Never give it up, always sell, no matter what. " - Chris awarding Brett
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2021 Cloud Champion

Shea Litchy

Shea Litchy, our 2020 Cloud Champion, currently oversees all legal marketing operations at TSEG as the Chief of Operations. She manages the SEO, PPC, Web Development, and Mass Torts departments, orchestrating the rapid and complex demands of a fast-moving company experiencing explosive growth. Shea's exceptional organizational skills and strategic foresight have been instrumental in enhancing our operational frameworks and driving efficiency across the board. Her leadership not only promotes excellence but also ensures that our teams are aligned and thriving amid our company's explosive growth.
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2021 Employee of the Year

Harith Alrubaye

Harith Alrubaye was honored with his second Employee of the Year award in 2021, underscoring his critical role within TSEG. Serving as our Senior Tech Director, Harith's deep expertise and leadership have been key to elevating our technology strategies. His innovative approach and sharp technical skills have greatly enhanced our capabilities, reinforcing our standing as industry leaders in legal marketing solutions. This repeat recognition highlights Harith's consistent excellence and pivotal contributions to our ongoing success.
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2021 Salesperson of the Year

Jessica Bitterman

Jessica Bitterman, honored as the 2021 Salesperson of the Year, has continued to excel in her role, now serving as our Strategic Partnership Executive. Jessica’s exceptional performance and strategic insight in sales have greatly contributed to TSEG's growth and success. Her ability to foster and develop key partnerships has expanded our network and influence, driving forward our mission with unparalleled dedication and skill.
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2020 Employee of the Year

Harith Alrubaye

Harith Alrubaye was recognized as the 2020 Employee of the Year while serving as a Tech Developer, and he now holds the position of Senior Tech Director at TSEG. Harith's innovative approach and technical expertise have been crucial in advancing our technology strategies. His efforts have not only elevated our service capabilities but also ensured that TSEG remains at the forefront of legal marketing technology, showcasing his unwavering commitment and valuable contributions to our mission.