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TruLaw Wins The Golden Gavel Award for Best Lead Generation Ad

Firefighter AFFF Cancer Lawsuit Ad Selected by The National Trial Lawyers’ The A-List

MIAMI, FL (TruLaw) January 25, 2023
2023 Golden Gavel Award - Best Lead Generation Ad

We’re bringing the Golden Gavel back to Texas!!

Our social media ad for the AFFF Cancer mass tort litigation has been announced the winner in the 2023 Golden Gavel Awards presented by The National Trial Lawyers’ The A-List to honor excellence in online advertising. TruLaw has been selected as the winner of the Best Lead Generation Ad in the Legal Industry for 2023. This is our first Golden Gavel, following two years of finalist placements.

The National Trial Lawyers developed The A-List in 2020 to represent the top 100 most influential advertising law firms in America that advertise on a national level. For four years now, the A-List recognizes only the biggest and most successful legal marketers in the country. The National Trial Lawyers use advertising data from extensive industry research to develop The A-List each year. These law firms are selected based on advertising dollars spent and the overall success of the firm’s annual marketing efforts.

Golden Gavel winners are elected by a board of judges based on creativity and messaging with the ultimate question posed to the focus group of “Would you use this law firm?”

The winning advertisement features a video that relates firefighters to attorneys who are inspired by them. The video uses an emotional hypophora asking how TruLaw and the viewer can help firefighters. In the end, the answer is that we can connect firefighters with a law firm that will fight for their justice, inspired by the way they valiantly fight fires. The audience consists of firefighters who may have been exposed to the dangerous flame suppressing chemicals, PFAs, which have been linked to causing cancer and other health risks after long-term exposure. The ad, when clicked, directs the viewer to an intelligent case-evaluator quiz that will qualify them with just a few questions. Upon qualification, they are presented with an attorney retainer and information on the next steps for follow-up conversations if they choose to have their claim filed.

We’re also honored to have the opportunity to partner with the best law firms in the nation. Their trust in us is something we don’t take lightly, and we’re dedicated to delivering results that make them proud. So thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your team. We will continue to work hard to bring you the success you deserve!

TruLaw is a full-service option for legal marketing that helps law firms find, qualify and sign high quality cases for lawsuits spanning from mass torts to single events through all disciplines of digital marketing. We initially engage leads, qualify them instantly, and get a signed contract all automatically in one package. Are you ready to start a mass tort campaign? Contact us today.

TSEG is owned and developed by Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc. Chris Massaro is the company’s CEO and an AFFF Account Executive alongside Jessica Bitterman and Ryne Goertz. Creative direction for the ad by Rafael Lemus, and ad management/analysis by Todd Neer, Toni Williams, Sarah Monen, Ashley Chang and Luke Renfro. Website and interactive questionnaire managed by Cody Gipson and Harith Alrubaye.

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