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We are excited to share with our TSEG community something new for 2022:

Superior “One-Stop-Shop” For All Legal Client Acquisition Needs

TSEG + SimplyConvert

We are proud to announce that TSEG (TSEG) has entered into a strategic partnership with SimplyConvert to provide law firms with a single point of contact and real-time reporting for all of the following services:

· Website design
· Search engine optimization (SEO)
· Instant Case Evaluator chat solution
· Paid search fraud-free lead generation
· Social media fraud-free lead generation
· CTV/OTT lead generation (Hulu, Sling, etc.)
· Call center
· Intake team
· Customized client drip marketing
· Packet review and fulfillment: retainer, medical authorization, health care provider information, secondary questionnaire
· Lead management system
The TruLaw™️ brand, a trusted resource for legal consumers since 2015, has the goal to make it easy for consumers to get instant legal guidance. Now in its seventh year, TruLaw dominates the consumer-facing digital legal space, engaging more than 130 million potential clients annually.

TSEG, the industry-leading digital marketing firm for attorneys, greatly extends the value offered to our clients with this partnership. For law firms looking to scale their marketing efforts in 2022, this means minimizing the number of systems, programs and companies you have to use. With TruLaw, attorneys can bring their law firm's marketing into the digital world with a full-suite of tools and our professional teams that constantly update today's best practices to meet your law firm's needs.

What is SimplyConvert?

SimplyConvert is a platform, chat, lead management, intake, and reporting solution all rolled into one that gives today’s potential clients a simple and innovative way to sign up, communicate, send/receive documents with law firms, and as a bonus, law firms can use SimplyConvert as a complete solution to manage every new lead that comes through to your firm.

Created by a lawyer fed up with not having the right technology to meet her firm’s client intake needs, SimplyConvert uses case criteria-based questions to turn chat conversations with your website visitors into signed clients.

Recognized by the ABA as one of 2020’s leading innovators in legal tech, SimplyConvert’s client-centered approach gives today’s legal consumers the instant legal guidance they require, while providing law firms with a comprehensive system for managing the client intake process from initial conversation to contract. With a law-firm specific CRM, criteria-based qualification, instant notifications, embedded contracting, automated client follow-up, and referral management in one seamless platform, client intake is simple, giving law firms the freedom to focus their valuable resources on clients. To learn more, visit

Why did TSEG decide to partner with SimplyConvert & how can my firm benefit from Trulaw™?

Under this partnership, we are able to bring our expertise of the digital landscape and their expertise of having a software designed for lawyers by a lawyer, Jessie Hoerman. Together, we are making it easier for firms to have an end-to-end solution from running their digital marketing campaigns to signing up and managing their clients.

Combining forces with SimplyConvert only makes sense: Our core purpose is to simplify all intake, thereby making law firms more profitable. With all of our combined services we will be able to customize the best mix of solutions to meet your firm’s needs.

With the two companies together, your law firm has access to a seamless client experience. TruLaw™ meets your clients where they are in the digital space (Facebook, Instagram, Hulu, etc) and then moves your client from conversation to settlement – giving your team more time to do what you do best – representing injured individuals. TruLaw™ provides your firm with real verified clients - pre-qualified, signed with retainer, medical authorization, health care provider information, secondary questionnaire, because we know you don’t care about page views, clicks, and incomplete leads.