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Joe Devine


Joe Devine has been working in the legal industry for close to 20 years. His career has spanned from the electronic discovery realm to all aspects of digital marketing for attorneys.

In 2007, he started TSEG, LLC, a full-service digital marketing agency. With TSEG, he pioneered the idea of market exclusivity which propelled TSEG to explosive growth, quickly landing them the 167th spot in the Inc 500 list of the fastest privately held companies in the nation.

In 2008, Joe started Ngage Live Chat which was the first live chat company specialized in the legal industry. Ngage was recognized as the leader in the legal chat world which prompted its acquisition by Internet Brands in 2015.

In addition, Joe Devine has served as an expert in numerous legal situations in which his expertise has proved beneficial for clients of the law firms that engaged him. His reputation is well known in the legal space, and he has been invited to speak at numerous high profile events, including AAJ, AVVO, Injury Board, Western Trial Lawyers Associations, the M&L Management and Marketing conference and many others.

Joe has articles featured in The New York Times, BusinessWeek.com, Venture Beat, and Mashable discussing his businesses in depth as well as his professional growth. He is highlighted in the Austin Business Journal, Visibility Magazine, and Search Marketing Standard.

Joe Devine is a proud father of four children (Holland, Jack, Hudson, and Charley) and is happily married his wonderful wife, Carrie Devine. When not working, he enjoys coaching his children in basketball, football, soccer and really, anything else. He is also an avid triathlete, although “athlete” should be stricken because he is pretty slow.


Joe Devine