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Kim Curtis


As COO – Kim’s primary role is to iron out wrinkles and push our company to achieve greater efficiencies and smarter  outcomes. While Kim possesses an analytical and detail oriented approach, his greatest asset as a leader is his vision and  ability to connect the dots between ideas and the often tedious “ditch digging” work that is required to make any decent  idea fly.

“My role is basically to keep everything well oiled and working smoothly. I’m the kind of person who is obsessed with making things better, that’s just how I’m wired. Given the realities of our marketplace, of technology and how fast it’s all moving – my job is ongoing, and one that will never be finished. That’s okay with me – because it’s a role I genuinely enjoy.”

Previously, Kim was co-founder and CEO of Ngage Inc, a former division of Cloud 8 Sixteen. In all, Kim has over 10 years experience invested in developing and refining live chat technology and the utilizing live chat as a lead generation tool. Prior to Ngage Inc, Kim served as a share holder and board member of a mortgage bank based in San Diego.

Kim’s motivation for life is the love he shares with his wife and best friend and their three terrific kids – ages 7, 10 and 12. Outside the office, Kim spends most of his time jumping between his kids’ sporting events; but on the off chance he has a few hours (or days) to himself he can be found exercising or riding his off road motorcycle in Baja Mexico.

Kim Curtis