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Joel Davis


As Chief Development Officer, Joel is responsible for spearheading new business units and is currently developing new verticals for Ngage (our staffed chat lead conversion company). Joel has had success spotting talent, developing leaders, and pushing teams into new areas. His role of adapting and moving into whatever position proves most valuable to the company at any given time has kept things fresh and rewarding.

“Business development for us right now is a little like bush-whacking into the jungle, working to expand a path into a road and eventually… hopefully… into a paved highway. The challenge in business and in life is to be right-sized- to be present in the moment, showing up one day at a time and celebrating our hours as a gift. If we can do that, and progress in our ability to stay in those moments, then all the millions of moments that make up an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, and a lifetime ultimately add up to something fantastic- a life well-lived.”

Prior to Cloud[8]Sixteen, Joel was Director of Sales for a global event management company based in Chicago where he developed four new business units within the Healthcare industry, led 40 sales professionals and oversaw the generation of over $9 million in annual revenue.

Joel packs as much as possible into the flow of life with his wife (Denise) and two young daughters (Mia & Ava). He actively mentors a number of guys who constantly remind him not to take himself too seriously. Over the past 5 years Joel has competed in several marathons and triathlons. His interests include sports, music, travel, fishing, literature, and great food.

Joel Davis