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Rafael Lemus

Marketing Manager

Rafael Lemus (“Raf”) is our Marketing Manager. He leads the execution of TSEG’s marketing initiatives to drive business to the company. Rafael started as a SEO Intern in 2014 before transitioning into a full time position as the SEO Manager and later the Digital Optimizations Manager, earning awards such as the 2023 Golden Gavel for best lead generation ad. He works closely with TSEG’s operations, tech and sales teams to design, test and evolve lead-nurturing tactics. Rafael obtained a B.S. in Advertising from The University of Texas at Austin where he gained experience as a Marketing Coordinator for McComb’s School of Business.

Outside of the office, Raf enjoys trying the spiciest foods he can find, spending time with his girlfriend, Yasi and their two cats, and all things Bad Bunny.

Rafael can also read, write and speak Spanish.

Rafael Lemus