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By: TSEG | Jul 14, 2009

Search Engines Beyond Google

When people think of search engines, Google tends to pop into their minds. However, there are a large number of search engines out there. Google’s bigger competitors seem to be coming from large businesses like Microsoft’s, but smaller search engines have a place as well. Most smaller search engines are very niche oriented. ChaCha...

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By: TSEG | Jul 7, 2009

Consumer Buying Habits

There are four basic habits that people follow when they purchase any product or service. Those habits are: Competitive: Consumers want the best of the best when making their purchases. These are the consumers who are willing to pay almost any price as long as they see higher quality. Spontaneous: These consumers buy what they...

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By: TSEG | Jun 30, 2009

Natural Google Results

When people think of coming up early on Google, a lot of them think that it’s a service you pay for. While that service does exist, it is not necessarily the best way to come up for your search results. Natural listings tend to receive more clicks because many internet users are becoming savvy to...

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By: TSEG | Jun 25, 2009

Bing: “The Decision Engine”

Microsoft has recently released a new search engine called Bing. They hope to use this engine to cut into Google’s share of the search engine market and possibly overtake it. However, whether or not this will work is very much up in the air. As far as the usefulness of a search engine, Bing is...

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By: TSEG | Jun 24, 2009

Talk Radio show today June 24th at 4pm CST

We are hosting our Internet talk radio show today at 4pm CST. You can tune in by clicking this link We will be discussing how to create web sites that convert. A little hint, it is not always the prettiest site, it is the site that hits the four major buying habits of a...

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By: TSEG | Jun 10, 2009

Another email scam..

To all of our legal clients, please view the below email with extreme caution Name: Soon Seng Machinery & Trading Pte Ltd Phone: 63603646 Email: Comments: Dear Attorney, Collection/Litigation We would require your legal representation for our North American delinquent Customers. We are of the opinion that a reputable attorney is required to represent...

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By: TSEG | May 21, 2009

Patrick Chan fraudulent email

This email is hitting our legal clients. It appears to be a hoax. Please be careful of these types of emails   Name: Patrick Chan Phone: 6562112116 Email: Comments: Attorney, Colour Zine Manufacturing Company is a manufacturing company in Asia. We require your legal representation for in your state in Collection/Litigation in your state....

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By: TSEG | May 20, 2009

Why WolframAlpha Isn’t a Google Killer

Everyone’s taking aim at Google these days. Whenever a new search engine launches, pundits speculate on the possibility of the newcomer being a “Google killer.” So far, no truly viable challengers have emerged; in fact, few recent search engines have even achieved respectable market share. You might remember the disastrous, bug-ridden debut of Cuil, a...

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By: TSEG | Apr 30, 2009

Despite Recession, Google Continues to Increase Search Market Share

Though estimates from different research firms vary, the general consensus is that, despite pressure from the ailing economy, Google is not only holding on to its massive share of the online search market – but also increasing it. ComScore, Inc. estimated a 4% increase for Google's market share during March, up to 59%, while Hitwise...

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By: TSEG | Apr 6, 2009

Scam Warning – Law Firms Beware

As web professionals, we at TSEG feel compelled to warn our clients and the general public about a phishing scam that we have seen circulating via email. Primarily targeting law firms, this scam masquerades as an email from an overseas company in Singapore/Asia looking for representation in the US. This scam was brought to our...

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