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Lanier Trial Academy 8.0

Location: Houston, TX
Date: 17 Jun 2024

TSEG is attending the upcoming Lanier Trial Academy 8.0 in Houston, Texas, from June 17th to 20th, 2024. This prestigious event, hosted by the Lanier Law Firm, marks its 8th iteration of providing an intensive trial academy exclusively for plaintiff’s lawyers. Led by the esteemed trial attorney Mark Lanier, the academy offers a unique opportunity for attendees to delve deep into the strategies that have led to nearly $20 billion in verdicts, including insights from his landmark $4.69 billion verdict.

TSEG will be in Houston supporting the legal community and fostering connections that extend beyond the courtroom. We believe in the power of building relationships and offering our expertise in digital marketing services for law firms as a foundation for growth and success. This is more than just a conference; it’s an opportunity to engage with leading minds in the field, earn valuable CLE credits, and gain insights from one of the most accomplished trial attorneys of our time, Mark Lanier.

Don’t miss your chance to secure your spot at this premier event. Availability is limited, and the opportunity to enhance your trial techniques and strategies with new insights from Mark Lanier is an experience not to be overlooked. TSEG looks forward to welcoming you to Houston for an event that promises to be both educational and memorable.