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TSEG Wins 3 awards for the 2024 Internet Advertising Competition

Posted on Friday, April 12th, 2024 at 7:00 am    


We are thrilled to announce that TSEG has won THREE Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards for our work on our Hair Relaxer Campaign, AFFF video ad, and a Lawyer Website

The 2024 IAC has awarded TSEG with:

Best Legal Social Media Campaign – Toxic Hair Relaxer

The Best Legal Social Media Campaign award went out to our Toxic Hair Relaxer case generation campaign. This campaign covers the issue of women being exposed to cancerous hair products without proper warning from the manufacturer. The campaign’s ads urge women not to fall victim to the beauty industry’s deceptive lies, and offers to connect them with an attorney who can help them fight for the justice they deserve.

The animated video ad depicts a woman finding out that her hair straightening products contain carcinogenic chemicals. The ad prompts viewers to complete an interactive quiz that will qualify them with just a few questions. Upon qualification, they are presented with an attorney retainer and information on the next steps for follow-up conversations if they choose to have their claim filed.


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Other ads in this campaign show the products under investigation for the link to cancer-causing hair relaxer products, increasing the general public’s recognition of the dangerous products listed in the class action lawsuit.

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Best Legal Online Video – AFFF

TSEG’s “Justice for Our Firefighters” AFFF campaign was awarded Best Legal Online Video. The winning creative is an animated video ad portraying the cancer-causing chemicals exposed to firefighters across America. These chemicals, known as PFAs, are found in aqueous film forming foam. PFAs do not break down, allowing them to remain in the environment and in our blood indefinitely. The video explains the long term effects of PFAs including cancer, tumors, leukemia, lymphoma, and mesothelioma. Similar to the previously mentioned ad, this ad also directs viewers to fill out a qualification quiz.

Outstanding Legal Website – Moermond & Mulligan LLC

Our final award, Outstanding Website, goes to the work we did for Moermond & Mulligan LLC. Our team took the task to custom design and build this website rooted in the “designing for conversion” ideology. We were able to upgrade the law firm’s website, making clear and concise changes that appeal to the aesthetic the client was going for.

We would like to congratulate our team for their hard work on these campaigns and websites! TSEG is proud to provide award-winning digital marketing services for law firms across the country.

For more information about TSEG’s award-winning mass tort marketing services, please visit tseg.com/mass-torts.

For more information about TSEG’s award-winning web design for lawyers, visit our web design page.

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