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Location: New Orleans, LA
Date: 14 May 2024

TSEG is excited to share that we will be attending the PILMMA Summit in New Orleans from May 14th to 16th, 2024. This conference is a premier event for serious lawyers who are ready to elevate their practices to new heights, offering an unmatched opportunity for growth, learning, and networking.

Hosted over three days, the PILMMA Summit is known as the number one legal marketing and management summit, drawing in a mix of successful lawyers, marketers, managers, and firm owners from across the country. With a lineup of world-famous speakers and access to PILMMA’s high-level Mastermind members, attendees are in for an enriching experience that promises to spark significant advancements in their legal practices.

At TSEG, we are all about empowering law firms through cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. The summit’s focus on elite networking, mastering new skills, and identifying barriers to growth closely aligns with our mission. We’re particularly eager to dive into discussions on how to systematically identify and overcome obstacles for exponential firm growth, as well as sessions dedicated to operational optimization for sustainable development.

The PILMMA Summit is an essential platform for law firms looking to refine their strategies in a changing market, learn about the latest updates in Google My Business and Local Services Ads, leverage artificial intelligence for marketing, and ensure their practices are as efficient and effective as possible. As attendees, we are keen to absorb as much as we can from the summit’s valuable insights and share our expertise in digital marketing to help law firms achieve their desired growth.

Although we are attending this year, TSEG comes to the PILMMA Summit with a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and a sincere desire to connect with law firms looking to transform their online presence. We believe in the power of incremental changes leading to massive improvements in law firm operations and marketing efforts.

Join us at the PILMMA Summit to learn how we can help you redefine the future of your practice, optimize your systems, and significantly increase your case intake without extra expenditure on marketing. Let’s discuss how our services can support the growth and resilience of your firm.

We’re looking forward to creating lasting connections in New Orleans and discovering how we can work together to achieve your law firm’s aspirations. See you at the PILMMA Summit 2024!