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How to Track Reporting and Case Value

Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2021 at 10:00 am    

Generating leads and turning them into actual signed clients requires a strategic marketing plan and proper ad placement. However, it’s more than just advertising your firm and waiting for the calls to come in. You must also track those calls to confirm whether your advertising campaign works and what areas of your campaign might need improvement.

Tracking the progress of the campaigns you use to grow your business and the website leads you’re receiving is crucial to ensuring you’re using effective strategies. By analyzing these results and all the associated data, you can target the correct demographic and get your firm’s website in front of the right audience: the one that needs your services.

Options for Tracking Your Calls

Call tracking is a way to review the effectiveness of a website and marketing and digital platforms by analyzing whether they lead to inbound calls from prospective clients. The information these analytic tools provide can direct you toward the most effective platforms and can help you identify the ones that need improvement. Using this information, you can also optimize your ad placement, social media campaigns, and other marketing efforts to generate more reliable leads without significantly increasing your budget.

If you want to track the number of calls you’re receiving from various campaigns and the quality of the calls (i.e., whether they turn into signed clients), you could use one-to-one call tracking. This type of tracking uses a unique phone number for each direct mail, ad, email, or other type of campaign. That way, you can analyze how effective your individual platforms are and where you need to make changes to improve the volume of leads you’re generating from these sources.

Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) means coding your firm’s website to change the phone number each time someone visits the page. Tracking this information allows you to determine which campaign or marketing source the visitor viewed to find your site. When these potential clients decide to call, your marketing team will have access to this data. DNI is typically more helpful when the caller finds you from SEO marketing platforms.

It’s also a good idea to track the calls you receive from organic marketing and paid advertising separately. Organic marketing, such as posting SEO-optimized blogs, is different from paid ads. Both ultimately have the same goal, but each uses a different approach. Analyzing the results of calls from PPC advertising independently from a shared social media post could provide unique insights into caller behavior.

Why Call Tracking Could Be Beneficial to Your Firm

Everyone knows that marketing campaigns done the right way can help a company grow. However, it’s also vital to track which efforts are successful and which can use some tweaking. If you’re not tracking the calls you receive, it’s impossible to know whether your campaigns work.

The main benefits to using call tracking for your law firm are that you can:

  • Learn about the callers – When you’re tracking inbound calls, it’s not just about the quantity. It’s also about the quality. Receiving one hundred calls a day won’t mean much to your firm’s success if none of these people decide to retain your services. Properly tracking your calls give you vital information about where these people live, the time of day they typically call, and the number of times they call. Using this data can help you zero in on a specific geographic location to target when you’re creating your campaigns.
  • Understand the effectiveness of your marketing sources – If you have the information above, you also need to know which campaigns lead to an actual call and the demographics of people who view your ads. Analyzing this data can help you determine the specific marketing strategies you should use for different groups of people.
  • Review the results of your campaigns – Running paid advertisements and using social media accounts is entirely useless if you’re not reviewing the results. Call tracking allows you to see which advertising campaigns actually work, so you can continue to use and optimize them and which ones you can live without.
  • Save money – When you’re analyzing all the calls you receive, you can determine where it makes the most sense to spend your advertising budget. Eliminating ineffective campaigns can open up your budget to other strategies that work much better.

By way of example, specific lawyers in your office, a marketing team, or another member of your firm can use the information generated by call tracking to report the number of potential clients that turn into signed cases. You could receive a report weekly, monthly, or some other period that seems most beneficial to the success of your business.

Reviewing every single call that comes in and identifying which ones actually turn into signed clients can significantly improve your knowledge of the campaigns you should use and which ones need critical changes.

Getting Started

Countless call tracking tools exist depending on your specific needs. You can share the results of the analytics with a team member, so they can track the progress of your campaigns and inform you of the most successful ones.

Every generated lead from organic and paid marketing sources becomes accessible to this team member. They can see the caller demographics, what led them to your firm, and other vital data to help your marketing team turn the potential client into a signed case.

Using this information makes it easier to track the website visitor’s behavior and determine the time of day they’re more likely to answer your call. Call tracking isn’t effective if you don’t know and understand what actions your target demographic takes to find the services they need. If your marketing team knows exactly when to reach out to these leads and how to communicate with them, it’s more likely that they can turn them into paying clients.

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