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By: TSEG | Jan 31, 2012

Superbowl Viewers Will See Mobile App Commercial Created by Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc.

Superbowl viewers will see a commercial created by the video team at TSEG (A Division of Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc.) during Superbowl XXXXVI. The commercial is for the Waco car accident attorney Vic Feazell’s mobile app that was created by Big Momma Apps (also a division of Cloud[8]Sixteen, Inc.). The mobile application is available for both iPhone...

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By: TSEG | Oct 25, 2011

Speaking at DuPont Legal Network Marketing and Referral Conference

This Thursday, October 27, Cloud [8] Sixteen, Inc. CEO Joe Devine will be speaking at the DuPont Legal Network Marketing and Referral Conference in Las Vegas, NV.  The conference will showcase the DuPont Legal Model for corporate defense, and will have several different sessions throughout the day discussing a variety of topics.  The event will...

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By: TSEG | Jul 25, 2011

Joe Devine / Big Momma Apps Featured in Summer issue of Visibility Magazine

An article by Joe Devine CEO of Cloud[8]Sixteen, the parent company of Big Momma Apps, was featured in the Summer issue of Visibility Magazine on the topic of using mobile apps to brand your business. The article in its entirety can be read here Branding Your Business with Mobile Apps. If you are interested in...

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