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By: Chris Massaro | Jun 14, 2019

What Does My SEO Company Do With My Money?

If you could pay Google “X” dollars per month to put your website in that highly-competitive first spot for every search, you would do it. The value of that top-ranked spot, not the amount of work that goes into getting there, is what matters to your business. That being said, there is no one we...

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By: TSEG | Mar 29, 2019

Authenticity in Business Relationships

  In the world of texting, emailing, and working remotely creating a personal connection can be challenging in our business communities. Yet connections in a technical world still rely on our innate, intelligent, and very human instincts because we all know when Bullshit is Bullshit. It is felt in a cold and self-serving email, the...

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By: TSEG | Jan 19, 2012

TSEG Proudly Announces Partnership with The Finney Law Office

TSEG (A Division of Cloud 8 Sixteen, Inc.) are proud to announce their continued partnership with the St. Louis personal injury lawyers of the Finney Law Office. TSEG is working with the Finney Law Office to help manage the firm’s footprint on the web. The experienced injury lawyers of the Finney Law Office proudly serve...

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By: TSEG | Apr 6, 2009

Scam Warning – Law Firms Beware

As web professionals, we at TSEG feel compelled to warn our clients and the general public about a phishing scam that we have seen circulating via email. Primarily targeting law firms, this scam masquerades as an email from an overseas company in Singapore/Asia looking for representation in the US. This scam was brought to our...

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By: TSEG | Mar 17, 2009

Closing the Deal: Converting Business Leads to Actual Clients

As David Slater aptly points out in his white paper, “Growing Your Law Practice by Leveraging Technology,” grabbing that juicy search ranking is only part of a truly successful web marketing initiative. In the world of online marketing, there are two “conversions” that must be addressed – first, the conversion of a website visitor into...

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By: TSEG | Nov 18, 2008

Designing for Conversion

What is the primary purpose of a business website? Regardless of the type of business – whether it is a law firm, a retailer, a consulting agency, or a doctor’s office – the goal of a company website is to bring in new business. If a website fails to do so, it is inefficient and...

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By: TSEG | Oct 30, 2008

Helping Our Clients Grow

One of our big selling points here at TSEG, is our exclusive partnership agreement. (Not sure what this is? Go to http://www.tseg.com to read about it). We believe that SEO works best through a long-term relationship with a client, not through a haphazard cookie-cutter approach. Take Alexander & Associates, for example. They are a rapidly-growing...

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