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TLU Live

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: 16 Oct 2024

TSEG is thrilled to announce our sponsorship and participation in TLU Live Vegas 2024, taking place from October 16th to 19th. Hosted by Trial Lawyers University, this premier event is the pinnacle of trial lawyer conferences, bringing together over 100 of the nation’s top-ranked trial lawyers. These esteemed professionals are eager to share their winning techniques, strategies, and courtroom secrets.

Join us at TLU Live Vegas 2024 for an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. Whether you’re a seasoned attorney or just starting your career, this event is your gateway to mastering the art of trial advocacy. Gain invaluable insights, elevate your practice to new heights, and network with peers and industry leaders in an environment designed for learning and growth.

As sponsors, TSEG is committed to supporting the legal community by providing cutting-edge digital marketing strategies that help law firms secure high-quality cases and achieve their growth objectives. Our team will be available throughout the event to discuss how our tailored marketing solutions can enhance your firm’s reach and impact.

Key highlights of TLU Live Vegas 2024 include:

  • Learning from Top-Ranked Trial Lawyers: Engage with over 100 leading trial lawyers as they share their winning courtroom strategies.
  • Comprehensive Sessions and Workshops: Participate in a variety of sessions designed to provide practical, actionable insights.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with top professionals and peers in the legal industry.
  • Meet the TSEG Team: Visit our booth to learn how our innovative marketing solutions can support your firm’s growth and success.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event. Secure your spot now and prepare to take your courtroom performance to the next level. TSEG looks forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for TLU Live 2024, where we will help you elevate your practice and achieve unparalleled success. See you there!