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Law Firm Local Services Ads Now On Google Maps

Posted on Friday, June 21st, 2024 at 7:29 pm    

Google Introduces Local Services Ads on Maps

Google has integrated Local Services Ads (LSAs) into Google Maps today, enhancing local search advertising by showcasing trustworthy and verified businesses prominently in search results.

This update provides a valuable opportunity for law firms to boost their online presence and attract more local clients. LSAs include essential information such as business names, phone numbers, ratings, and operating hours, making it easier for potential clients to find and contact law firms directly.

The integration ensures law firms can stand out among competitors and build trust with potential clients from the first interaction. Leveraging LSAs on Google Maps can be a game-changer for law firms, offering increased visibility and a higher chance of attracting local clients actively searching for legal assistance.

Why This Matters for Law Firms

The integration of LSAs into Google Maps represents a significant opportunity for law firms to enhance their exposure and expand their client base.This expansion places LSAs in front of users actively searching for nearby legal services, potentially driving a substantial increase in lead generation.

Law firms benefit greatly from this update, especially since Google Maps users are often looking for immediate assistance from local businesses. By appearing in these search results, law firms can connect with potential clients exactly when they need legal help.

Currently, the introduction of LSAs on Google Maps is limited to the iOS version of the Google Maps mobile app. This strategic move targets a substantial number of mobile users who rely on Maps for finding local services, enhancing the likelihood of attracting high-quality leads.

In essence, this update allows law firms to tap into a new, highly-engaged audience, driving more traffic and inquiries from potential clients in their local area. By utilizing LSAs on Google Maps, law firms can significantly boost their local presence and client acquisition efforts.

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How Google Local Services Ads on Maps Work

Google’s integration of Local Services Ads into Google Maps is designed to streamline the process for advertisers by utilizing existing LSA and Google Business Profile (GBP) data. Law firms already participating in the LSA program will have their ads automatically created and displayed on Google Maps, using the information and reviews they have already provided. This automatic inclusion means no additional setup is required, making it an effortless transition to reach potential clients on Google Maps​.

The process is straightforward: Google takes the data from your current GBP profile & LSAs, including your business information, service areas, and client reviews, and generates ads that appear on Google Maps when users search for related legal services.

By using the existing ad data and client reviews, Google ensures that the ads are relevant and trustworthy, increasing the likelihood of engagement from potential clients. This seamless process simplifies advertising for law firms, allowing them to concentrate on delivering excellent legal services while Google manages the promotional aspects​.



Understanding the Catch

While the integration of Local Services Ads on Google Maps offers significant benefits, there is a critical caveat that advertisers need to consider. At this moment, advertisers cannot opt out of having their LSAs appear on Google Maps without also pausing their Search ads.  Google, however, is rolling out an option for advertisers to opt-out of specific ad placements, including Direct Business Search ads, a new ad type that automatically enrolls businesses by default. This opt-out option will soon be available to all advertisers, allowing more flexibility in ad management.

Ben Fisher, Co-Founder and Lead Consultant at Diamond Google Product Expert, explained that brands can choose to disable Direct Business Search ads by navigating to the settings and switching off the Direct Business Search toggle, as shown in the screenshot below:

Our Takeaways

TSEG has helped attorneys set up LSAs since Google first announced them for law firms in 2019. We continuously optimize our clients’ Google Business Profiles and help them generate positive reviews from past customers satisfied with their legal services. We also assist in Google’s background checks for an attorney’s license to practice law, which can be a daunting process for attorneys, and is required to start running LSAs. If your law firm wants to have LSAs appear locally in Google Maps, fill out a form on our website so we can be in contact with you to figure out the best way to start advertising your firm on Google.