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Consumer Buying Habits

Posted on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 11:45 am    

There are four basic habits that people follow when they purchase any product or service. Those habits are:

Competitive: Consumers want the best of the best when making their purchases. These are the consumers who are willing to pay almost any price as long as they see higher quality.

Spontaneous: These consumers buy what they see. Grocery store checkout lines operate on this type of consumer by showing them small items that they might have interest in.

Humanistic: These consumers generally want service. A humanistic consumer might pay more for the same product because he or she is treated better somewhere else.

Methodical: The methodical consumer researches all of his or her purchases to a great extent. In the end, he or she will go with the product or service that gave the best information.

It is important to appeal to every one of these consumer types in your website. If you do not, you are missing out on a large portion of the market that might have purchased your product or service.

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