By: TSEG | Oct 30, 2008

Not Your Typical Lawyer, Not Your Typical Website

We recently launched a new website for Pete Leehey, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Iowa. He&’s not your typical personal injury attorney; we might describe him as a biker who just happens to be an award-winning lawyer as well. But we’re pretty proud of the way this site turned out; it really shows the impact...

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By: TSEG | Oct 29, 2008

Content Development – What’s Your Goal?

When’s the last time you looked at your website and asked yourself: “What message am I trying to convey? What is the first impression I want to create? Who’s my target audience?” Anyone in the marketing business understands the importance of a focused, target-specific, and clear message. When an advertising agency designs a marketing campaign...

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By: TSEG | Oct 28, 2008

The Optimization Investment

It’s shocking, really, how many outdated, dysfunctional, and cheap-looking websites are floating around the internet these days. It’s even more shocking that many of these websites belong to some of the most respectable firms and professional companies in the country. These firms, who probably spend thousands of dollars on beautiful print advertisements and impeccable office...

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