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Camp Lejeune Update Takeaways: Top 5 Tips to Retain Clients Amidst Elective Option Changes

The Camp Lejeune community received significant news recently with the announcement of the “Elective Option” (EO) program. This development offers a unique opportunity for specific claimants to expedite their settlements, but it also introduces new challenges for law firms and their clients. To help law firms navigate these changes and retain their clients, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to do in response to this update.

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EO Key Takeaways:

The EO provides a pathway for eligible claimants to resolve their CLJA claims more quickly and efficiently than traditional litigation. To qualify for the EO, claimants must have specific Qualifying Injuries and have resided or worked at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days.

Qualifying Injuries are categorized into two tiers, with Tier 1 injuries having stronger scientific evidence of a causal link to contaminants in Camp Lejeune water.

  • Kidney Cancer Tier 1
  • Liver Cancer Tier 1
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Tier 1
  • Leukemias Tier 1
  • Bladder Cancer Tier 1
  • Multiple Myeloma Tier 2
  • Parkinson’s Disease Tier 2
  • Kidney Disease / End Stage Renal Disease Tier 2
  • Systemic Sclerosis / Systemic Scleroderma Tier 2

Duration of exposure is categorized into three groups: 30 to 364 days, 1 year to 5 years, and more than 5 years. The combination of Qualifying Injuries and Duration of Exposure determines the potential settlement amount, with a maximum offer of $550,000 for claims resulting in death.

30-364 Days 1yr-5yr +5yr
Tier 1 Qualifying Injury 150,000 300,000 450,000
Tier 2 Qualifying Injury 100,000 250,000 400,000

An Additional $100,000 will be offered in cases that involve a death.

Preservation of VA Benefits:

One of the significant benefits of opting into the EO is that it won’t affect a claimant’s existing VA benefits.
Claimants who have previously received healthcare or disability benefits related to Camp Lejeune from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can rely on those benefits to establish eligibility for an EO offer.
Unlike traditional litigation, where a VA benefit offset might reduce the settlement amount, the EO settlement does not have such offsets, allowing claimants to retain their VA benefits alongside their settlement.

Streamlined Review Process:

The EO streamlines the review process by focusing on key aspects of each claim, such as the type of injury alleged and the duration of exposure at Camp Lejeune.
This narrow scope enables the Department of the Navy to validate claims and extend settlement offers more quickly.
Claims are grouped based on similar exposures and injuries with comparable scientific evidence of causation, ensuring equitable offers for claimants with similar circumstances.

5 Tips to Retain Camp Lejeune Clients Through Elective Offer Changes

Camp Lejuene Elective Option 5 Tips

1. Stay Informed:

The first and foremost step in retaining clients during this evolving situation is to stay informed about the latest updates regarding the Camp Lejeune Elective Option. As the Department of Navy and the Department of Justice roll out this program, new guidelines and requirements may emerge. Make it a priority to keep your clients well-informed about these changes and how they might affect their claims.

2. Open Communication:

Clear and open communication with your clients is essential. Reach out to them promptly to explain the Elective Option and its potential benefits. Assure them that you are dedicated to helping them make the best decision for their situation. Answer any questions they may have and provide guidance on the pros and cons of opting into the program.

3. Evaluate Each Case:

Not all Camp Lejeune claimants will benefit from the EO program. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate each client’s case to determine if it aligns with the program’s criteria. Consider factors such as age, potential settlement amounts, and the urgency of their financial needs. Providing tailored advice will demonstrate your commitment to their best interests.

4. Offer Comprehensive Support:

Your role as an attorney extends beyond legal counsel. Emphasize your commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the claims process. Ensure your clients understand that you are their advocate, helping them navigate the complexities of the Elective Option and any potential VA benefit offset implications.

5. Highlight Long-Term Value:

While the quick payment offered by the EO program is appealing, it’s crucial to emphasize the long-term value of the settlement to your clients. Use tools like the “EO Settlement Quantifier™” to provide estimated settlement amounts, factoring in VA benefits and future value. This data will enable your clients to make informed decisions about their claims.

The Camp Lejeune Elective Option brings both opportunities and challenges for law firms and their clients. By staying informed, maintaining open communication, evaluating cases carefully, offering comprehensive support, and highlighting long-term value, you can help your clients navigate this update with confidence. Remember that your dedication to their well-being will not only retain their trust but also contribute to the success of their claims.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that the cost of acquiring new Camp Lejeune cases has been on the decline over the last four months, making it a favorable time for law firms to secure new cases. If you’re interested in expanding your caseload, consider reaching out to organizations actively acquiring Elective Offer qualifying cases for law firms.

Justice for Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejuene Cases

We have experience acquiring Camp Lejeune cases. When everyone else pulled out of spending in November of last year, we had persistent law firms continue to advertise and acquire cases. To date we have managed $34.2 million to acquire Camp Lejeune cases for our clients. This has given us the opportunity to perfect our audience targeting, language that resonates and drives action. Most importantly, we have developed a call center that is specialized in speaking with veterans and their families to get them to sign a retainer and complete the full packet of information that will be needed to file.

Start a mass tort campaign to help our country’s Marine veterans, their families and the staff who lived at the Marine Base, Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina from 1953-1987. These people are a part of the country’s largest water contamination case in history. Over 1 million people were exposed (for more than 30 days) to the contaminated water that was used for drinking, cooking and bathing. Affected persons are now suffering from severe illnesses, including cancer, that have been linked to the chemicals found in the water. Furthermore, the toxic chemicals from the contamination have been linked to birth defects in children born and raised in Camp Lejeune. Now, 30 years after the contamination, these children from Camp Lejeune are dealing with health issues as a result.

The lawsuit is seeking financial compensation from the U.S. Government for these victims. Investigations uncovered evidence that the U.S. Government knew about the high toxic levels in the water and negligently ignored reports from scientists, allowing the toxic exposure to stretch over 30 years. Your firm’s campaign with TSEG will direct targeted users to a landing page where they can take a short quiz to check if they qualify for a lawsuit. Your firm will then be able to contact those who qualify and begin assisting them in pursuing compensation.

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