Justice for Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune Campaigns

Start a mass tort campaign to help our country’s Marine veterans, their families and the staff who lived at the Marine Base, Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina from 1953-1987. These people are a part of the country’s largest water contamination case in history. Over 1 million people were exposed (for more than 30 days) to the contaminated water that was used for drinking, cooking and bathing. Affected persons are now suffering from severe illnesses, including cancer, that have been linked to the chemicals found in the water. Furthermore, the toxic chemicals from the contamination have been linked to birth defects in children born and raised in Camp Lejeune. Now, 30 years after the contamination, these children from Camp Lejeune are dealing with health issues as a result.

The lawsuit is seeking financial compensation from the U.S. Government for these victims. Investigations uncovered evidence that the U.S. Government knew about the high toxic levels in the water and negligently ignored reports from scientists, allowing the toxic exposure to stretch over 30 years. Your firm’s campaign with TSEG will direct targeted users to a landing page where they can take a short quiz to check if they qualify for a lawsuit. Your firm will then be able to contact those who qualify and begin assisting them in pursuing compensation.

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