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Women making responsible decisions about their bodies and their health have found themselves dealing with serious complications after having the Paragard IUD removed. The Paragard IUD is a hormone-free birth control device that is inserted in the uterus. The small copper device can provide pregnancy protection for up to ten years and has been a birth control option for decades.

Recently, an increasing number of women looking for non-hormonal based options have turned to devices like the Paragard IUD. However, the increase in the number of women using the device has shed new light on complications that may occur.

There are reports that Paragard can break apart during the removal process, leaving pieces of the device inside of the woman’s body. In some cases, surgery is required to retrieve the missing pieces, an expensive and frightening prospect.

Pieces that break either during normal usage or while being removed can damage the uterus, damage other internal organs, cause scarring, and even trigger infection.

Other complications and side effects of Paragard include:

  • Perforated uterus
  • Internal organ damage
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Surgery to removed broken pieces
  • Ectopic pregnancy

This form of birth control may also be linked to a dangerous brain injury known as a Pseudotumor Cerebri or PTC. PTC is a medical condition that causes an increase in pressure inside the skull due to an increase in cerebrospinal fluid collecting around the brain. The symptoms mimic a brain tumor, even though there is no evidence that a tumor exists.

Now Is the Time to Find New Clients

Federal data has shown an increase in the number of women turning to IUD use in recent years, especially hormone-free options such as the Paragard IUD. This increase in the number of women using the device may be correlated to the rise in complaints about the device. There are women out there hurt and suffering because of the failures of Paragard and its manufacturer, Teva. Now is the time to help these women get the justice they deserve.


  • Case costs are low
  • COVID-19 cases, quarantines, and stay-at-home conditions mean you have a captive audience consuming more television and digital content. Your message can reach more women impacted by this device.

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